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Noche de los museos en Frankfurt

Noche de los Museos en Frankfurt

Nacht der Museen


Art and culture are constantly redefining themselves! On May 4, the NIGHT OF THE MUSEUMS, some 50 art and cultural institutions as well as several galleries in the cities of Frankfurt and Offenbach will be delivering an array of cultural highlights: Fresh and lovingly restored, the new historische museum frankfurt invites you to experience its Toll Tower, now accessible for the first time in 500 years and take part in a "Dance Class in Frankfurderisch" with Bäppi La Belle. Museum Angewandte Kunst will also be revealing its new look - come along and celebrate the opening of the museum’s new exhibition space and dance the night away at the HR3 party. The Osthafen site will once again feature a schedule of open-air events, unusual tours and new venues, while the Literaturhaus will offer visitors an extraordinary literary experience spanning the bow from snappy poetry, to vivid prose, to entangled crime narratives.

You can look forward to an unparalleled program that will take you through the night to the first light, from 7 p.m. to 2 a.m. I hope all visitors will enjoy this exciting journey of discovery filled with unique and remarkable museum experiences. Find out what Goethe’s mother meant when she wrote this in a letter to Fritz von Stein: "You should accompany my son the next time he comes to Frankfurt, there is certainly no lack of amusement here, I’d at least want to make sure that everything is in place for a splendid time."
Prof. Dr. Felix Semmelroth
Culture Department of the City of Frankfurt
Art Moments - this is the motto of the 14th Frankfurt NIGHT OF THE MUSEUMS. Almost 50 museums and galleries in Frankfurt and Offenbach await you with extraordinary exhibitions, performances and installations. Inspiring, fascinating and at times even bemusing - and that all night long.

We are proud to have Ernst & Young as the main sponsor of this special event and we’re thrilled to welcome you once again! We wish you a great deal of fun on your twilight journey of discovery. Come and experience great and unforgettable ArtMoments. There’s certainly a lot to see!


t & Young

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