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La iglesia de San Esteban, en Mainz

La iglesia de San Esteban, en Mainz, es famosa por los vitrales de Marc Chagall.

Sitio oficial.

On the following pages we‘ll try to offer you an insight into the activities of our parish as well as into our church with its world famous windows by Marc Chagall.
When the church - heavily damaged in World War II - had been restored in the mid seventies, the then vicar Klaus Mayer succeeded in winning over Marc Chagall to design one stained glass window for St. Stephan.
Soon after the installation in the apse in 1978, two additional windows followed, and shortly before Chagall‘s death in 1985 six more. Thus the east choir and the transsept contained the world famous painters‘s only work of art in glass in Germany.
Chagall‘s long-standing collaborator and friend Charles Marq, the senior partner of the glass workshop Jacques Simon at Reims (Northern France), carried on and created the 18 windows in the side aisles and west choir until the year 2000; they do not imitate the Russian-French master, but speak their own language in harmony with the already existing ones.
Still today at 88, Msgr. Mayer keeps holding extensive meditations on Chagall‘s biblical message: the three blue glowing windows with Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Moses and the heilsgeschichte (history of salvation) of the people of Israel until the crucifixion and the Eternal Sabbath. The three side windows illustrate selected psalms, the thre abstract ones in the transsept create an entrance hall of light, the colours of which introduce the visitor into the windows of the choir. 


(con muchas muestras de las obras)

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