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Queen of the Hanseatic League – world heritage architecture in Lübeck's old quarter

Lübeck, the Queen of the Hanseatic League, was founded in 1143 as ‘the first western city on the Baltic coast’.

Today, its appearance is characterised by a medieval ambience and by cultural and historical attractions harking back to Lübeck’s glorious past as a free imperial and Hanseatic city. The historical centre, surrounded by water on all sides, is one of the foremost examples of brick Gothic architecture. The towers of seven churches have dominated the skyline since medieval times. Lübeck’s most famous landmark is Holsten Gate. The Buddenbrooks House, one of Lübeck’s many splendid merchant’s houses, is a memorial to Nobel laureate Thomas Mann, who was born in Lübeck. The Günter Grass House and the Willy Brandt House commemorate two other Nobel laureates associated with the city. A stroll through the narrow lanes of the old quarter may reveal over 80 secluded medieval passage ways and a number of courtyards.The perfect way to round off a visit is with a piece of delicious marzipan cake at Café Niederegger.

Fuente: Germany Travel

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